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 Statement of Faith 



§      In the one and only true God who eternally exists and is manifested in three persons:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  He created the universe and everything in it and maintains sovereignty over all things.


§      That Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.  He is the promised Messiah sent for the salvation of all who will believe on Him and trust in Him.  He is the fullness of God manifested in bodily form; the image of the invisible God.


§      Jesus was God incarnate; born of a virgin according to Scripture; lived a sinless life; died for our sins as a substitutionary sacrifice for us; rose from the grave on the third day in victory over death; ascended back to the Father and is now our High Priest, Advocate, and is ever interceding on our behalf.


§       Jesus is the Head of the body, the church, and at the appointed time will call His church out of this world; will come again to this world to establish His millennial reign, and to ultimately judge all the world and establish His eternal Kingdom.


§       In the eternal person of the Holy Spirit, the third part of the Godhead, who is working in the world today to reveal the fullness of Christ; to convict sinners of sin; regenerating and sanctifying, and sealing them forever to the Father.


§      That the Bible is the pure, true, infallible, inerrant, and inspired word of God given through the direction of the Holy Spirit, through the prophets, as our instruction book for life.


§    That salvation comes from each individual recognizing that he/she is a sinner by nature; recognizing that he/she cannot justify himself/herself by his/her own works; that each person must receive the shedding of Jesus' blood on the cross and in repentance, ask God for forgiveness; making Him Lord of their life; and having received Him, they are spiritually saved or "born again" and are indwelled by the Holy Spirit; therefore, they became a child of God and a forever member of the family of God for time and eternity.


§     That heaven is the place of eternal blessedness for the saved and that hell is the place for eternal conscious punishment for the unbelievers


§   That the New Testament Church is a group of "born again," baptized believers in Jesus Christ, who voluntarily and regularly meet together for worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism.


Eagle Heights Christian Academy
ICAA and AdvanceEd Accredited
3005 Pearland Parkway  Pearland, TX 77581 
PH: 281-485-6330 FAX: 281-485-8682

Stand On the Word of God; Stand Up for what you believe; Stand Out in your actions, attitudes and academics